Sessions for Schools

    These 30-45 minute sessions are offered to schools as part of a 2 hour (half day) or a 5 hour (whole day) booking. (Simpler paper-based activities will be provided for the other half of the class, such as word-searches, quizzes and colouring in pages. See this list of resources.)

For teachers or group leaders, an additional hand-out pack can be purchased to supplement the session.
Each workshop is £25.
AS = Anglo-Saxon; V=Viking themed; M=Medieval

Activity / Craft
What did they Wear? (AS or V) Warriors (AS) Pottery (AS)
Poetry and Riddles (AS) Cording Pagan Funeral (AS or V)
Pastimes (AS, V, M) Wattle and Daub (AS or V) Tasting
The Seasons Brooch-Making Giant Human Tafl (AS or V)
Personal Hygiene (AS or V) Spear/Axe and Shield-Making (AS, V) How did they Make Clothes? (AS, V, M)
Battle Drill (AS or V) Literature Crime and Punishment (AS, V, M)
Ladies Art Medicine (AS, V, M)
Farming Religious Life (AS) The Medieval Archer

   Risk Assessments can be provided on request. Please notify us of any allergies, whether to food or fibres and any special needs. CRB/DBS checked and Basic Food Hygiene certificate held.


Please use our Contact Details to get in touch
Bookings taken up to 28 days in advance.
Please note that we try to limit ourselves to distances of around 100 miles one way.