This is a short session introducing the weapons and armour used by certain warriors from history.

    Three volunteers are picked to become 3 ranks of warriors; a king, a noble and a follower. These volunteers will be dressed in the armour and be allowed to handle the weapons of their chosen rank under close supervision. Each piece of equipment is described in detail; its uses, from what and how it may have been made, who it may have belonged to and where it would have been found in an archaeological context.

   If a safe area can be provided there may also be a short archery demonstration.

   As the workshop progresses the participants should gather a good understanding of how a period army was made up, where these warriors came from and what equipment they had.

Key Facts / Sources:
Origin of metal; Construction of weapons and armour; Archaeological finds & Grave-goods (Sutton Hoo, Spong Hill); Laws (Alfred, Ine, Athelstan); Illuminated manuscripts (Psychomachia, Harley Psalter, Julius / Tiberius calendars, Tiberius Psalter); Poetry (Battle of Maldon, Brunanburh, Beowulf)
5 years upwards
Companion Workshop(s):
Spear- and Shield-Making; Battle Drill
Suitable Hand-Outs:
Make Your Own . . . 'Spear/Axe and Shield' Warriors Information Sheet
'Hædde the Hunter' picture to colour Warrior picture to colour
'Spearman' picture to colour 'Psychomachia folio 30' picture to colour
'Harley Psalter folio 13v' picture to colour Early (Pagan) Drawing / Colouring-in - Wíga (Warrior)
safe area for archery (optional)