Giant Human Tafl

   This session has the pupils acting as pieces on a giant board laid out with carpet tiles. The king wears a crown and the pieces wear coloured headbands so we know who's who!

Anglo-Saxon and Viking
   First we look at the evidence for board-games, which includes archaeological finds of pieces (and in rare circumstances parts of boards) and references in literature, including manuscript illustrations. Parts of board games, pieces and even parts of boards are found throughout history, but it is difficult to determine what games were played. I use a 7x7 layout and a game called Brandubh, the smallest variant of the Tafl games played in Ireland around the 9th century.

Key Facts / Sources:
Ballinderry Board; The Exeter Book; Taplow Burial; King Æþelstan
7 years upwards Companion Workshop(s):  
Suitable Hand-Outs:
Any from the 'Make Your Own . . . Games' range 'Games' Information Sheet
area large enough to lay out a 7x7 carpet tile board