Battle Drill

This is a fun and energetic session involving listening to commands and working together.

   The new warriors will be trained to recognise battle commands, get into organised formations and most important of all, form a strong shield wall.

   This workshop is designed to follow 'Spear/Axe and Shield Making' as part of a half or whole day event.

Some examples of the Old English commands used:
Modern Old English Action
Standfast standfæst stand still with shields and weapons down at your sides
scieldburg raise your shield in front of you and lock it with your neighbours and bring your weapon up
Mark time mearc tima bang on the edge of your shield with your weapon rythmically
Left turn winstre tyrn turn to your left
Charge on ræs run at the enemy shouting and waving your weapon

Key Facts / Sources:
Laws; Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; Beowulf; the Battle of Maldon poem; the Finnsburh Fragment; sagas
5 years upwards Companion Workshop(s): Warriors; Spear- and Shield-Making
Suitable Hand-Outs:
'Battle Commands' 'Hædde the Hunter' picture to colour
Warrior picture to colour 'A Spearman' picture to colour
'Psychomachia folio 30' picture to colour 'Harley Psalter folio 13v' picture to colour
Early (Pagan) Drawing / Colouring-in - Wíga (Warrior) 'Warriors' Information Sheet
large area for marching in; 'Spear/Axe and Shield-Making' workshop previously completed