School Visits

the benefits of a School Visit from me:

  • cheaper and easier than organising a trip out
  • a chance to touch, smell and taste stuff
  • photographs of actual finds
  • documentary evidence reproduced
  • period vocabulary and pronunciation explained
  • a calm and gentle approach

These are all 'set pieces' which have been designed for KS2.
Only 1 of these sessions can be provided per day, preferably in the afternoon.


Early (Pagan) Anglo-Saxons (420 - 650 ad)

The Scop

A visit from a story-teller.
(1 hour session - £50 - minimum 25 pupils - 1 re-enactor [additional re-enactor at extra cost])
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Christian Anglo-Saxons (650 - 1066 ad)

Repair the hall, get dressed in your best clothes and have a holy day feast!
(2 hour 15 min. session - £160 - maximum 30 pupils - 2 re-enactors)
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Vikings (787 - 1066 ad)

The Song of Rig
We follow Rig (Heimdall or Odin in disguise) as he travels the land, fimding out how he created the 3 Viking races - Thrall, Karl and Jarl.
(2 hour 15 min. session - £110 - maximum 69 pupils - 1 re-enactor)
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Create Your Own . . .

Please choose from the sessions for schools to create a half (2 hours) or whole day (5 hours) of activities to suit your needs.

Risk Assesments are available on request. Please notify us of any allergies, whether to food or fibres and any special needs. Both Rosie and Glenn hold Standard Disclosure notices from the Criminal Records Bureau. Glenn is a registered First Aider and Rosie holds the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.

   We also have an extensive range of paper-based resources available - some are included free in the above sessions, but extras may be purchased. Click here for a comprehensive list, including prices.

Customers who have enjoyed our school visits include:

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Bookings taken up to 28 days in advance.
Please note that we try to limit ourselves to distances of around 100 miles one way.