Living History Displays

Our style of Living History is very different to re-enactment. We do not take on a character or have a particular role to play. We dress as authentically as possible and use authentic tools and equipment, but because we are not 'in character' we have the freedom to explain why events happened and provide the historical / archaeological evidence for them. We can answer a much more diverse selection of questions with sensible answers!
   Our period Anglo-Saxon or Viking tent and contents acts as a backdrop to all our activities and during our displays, we like to engage the public, as much as possible, in whatever we are doing, whether it be a game of Nine Men's Morris, drop-spinning or helping people try on some chainmail. The opportunity to shoot some arrows is also offered if a safe area can be provided.
   As an additional element to our displays, we have a modern gazebo, which houses our display boards full of information about the period and a table of objects that can be handled or tried on. On the table we also leave out a selection of hand-outs and small goods available for sale, as souvenirs of a memorable experience.

We do not offer battle re-enactments. We aim to help the public understand that the majority of people were simple farming types who spent their time working the land and supporting themselves - not warriors.

We have provided displays for:

  • Norfolk Wildlife Trust
  • BBC Local History Day at the Forum, Norwich
  • West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, Suffolk
  • St. Mary and St. Micheal's Church, Kirton
  • and many more

Please visit the Gallery for more pictures taken at our events.

Hiring Us:-
Currently we are offering:-
'Anglo-Norse Settlers'
Rødisildre, a Norse Viking woman recently arrived on a ship from Rygjafylke, travels to her new home with husband Edmund, Thegn of Hosforda.
 A snapshot of the lives of a mixed race couple living in the Danelaw.
Time Period: 9th/10th Century
'Anglo-Saxon Travellers'
Eadmund, Thegn of Hosforda, worn out from Fyrd duty with the King, travels home, accompanied by his wife, Edgyth.
   A snapshot of the lives of an Anglo-Saxon couple living in England.
Time Period: 7th to 11th Century
£200 per day
Mileage and Travel Costs also apply
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Bookings taken up to 28 days in advance.
Please note that we try to limit ourselves to distances of around 100 miles one way.